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How To Order


1) Browse the items you like and remember the item's code.

2) Fill in the form by giving all the correct details especially email and address.

3) Already finish Submit your order form to we email.

4) Wait until we reply your order within 48 hours. If not, please do not send your order twice, email us at   

5) Please check your email inbox/spam for your invoice.

6) After done checking your order details, you can proceed to payment.


1) Make your payment via Online Transfer/ Cash Deposit/ Bank In/ Paypal to the provided K.O.S. account

2) After done making your payment, inform us by SMS your transaction details :
| Name of payees | Total Amount Bank In | Name of Bank | Date |

3)Please make the payment after 2 days you received this invoice. If not, your order will be canceled automatically unless you have notify us about your problem to make the payment.


1) Your order only will be processed after you have make FULL payment.

2) Your parcel will be sent every Monday - Friday of working days.

3) Please inform us if you haven’t received your parcel by 4 working days.

4) We will email your tracking number after we have post your parcels.


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